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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Our Events

Q: How Will Attending This Event Help My Company?

The short answer is our events are designed specifically to be “Income Accelerators” for you and your company. We all know new customers are critical to any business. As businesses, we invest in advertising/marketing, and many businesses do so to the tune of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and many of those methods provide little tracking and/or little return. But it’s the ability to establish new strategic relationships and leverage them for mutual benefit that can be one of the most effective and low investment strategies for income acceleration and explosive business growth.

Golden Connection Network events help you make connections with other high level people who realize the same thing you do: That our events save you tons of time because we’re singularly focused on getting the RIGHT PEOPLE together in the same place at the same time with a serious focus on mutual benefit, business growth and social responsibility in an upscale venue and “red carpet” experience where no corners are cut.

People attending our events don’t need to attend them. You wouldn’t be here if your businesses was failing badly. Your interest in attending, the reason you’re reading this right now, is because you have the same fundamental drive as other successful people: INCREASE! Growth is what life is about, in every aspect. Growth is what our events are about, in the aspect of business. And you’ll have a great time doing it. Register now and lock in your spot. Attendance is exclusive and limited.

Q: Most Networking Events I've Seen Or Attended Are A Lower Investment, What Do I Get For My Investment In A Golden Connection Network Event?

We created these events specifically to address the inefficiencies and "box of chocolates" results of low value networking events. Attendees have told us they made more valuable, peer connections at just one of our events as they have at a year's worth of low-value or free networking events. In other words, people who attend our events value their time over money. In just a few hours, you can achieve more potential for new business than literally 20-40 hours of attending other events. The investment to attend our events is specifically designed to attract successful business owners, managers and decision makers and weed out people who are not in a position to provide value to others with their own networks and through their own businesses. Our formula works extremely well.

And for the analytical types out there: When compared to other marketing, such as a trade show table, sponsorship, print advertising, even online marketing, the investment to attend such a powerful event chock full of successful, smart peers is comparable if not significantly less with the potential for ROI on a dollar-for-dollar basis significantly more.

A substantial portion of the investment in our events are returned to you through what you get while attending. Each event/city may differ slightly but on average you get:

BOTTOM LINE:If someone feels they cannot afford the investment in this event, they simply are not our target market (or yours most likely).

Q: What Type of Businesses Should Not Attend?

Businesses that have a very specific type of customer in a niche industry are not usually a fit. Our attendees span a variety of industries and business types so the odds of someone being there from any one particular business category is small. In other words, if you are looking only for people in a very specific type of business or industry, then this event will not be the best fit for you. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us or your Event Concierge prior to registering to discuss your specific goals. Rest assured, we have no interest in convincing anyone to attend if we do not feel you are a fit or will benefit from attending. In other words, contacting us is as no-pressure as it gets.

Q: Are There Restrictions On Who May Attend?

Yes, we restrict attendance to Business Owners, Managers and Decision Makers only and enforce a maximum of two people per company, business type or niche (this is on a first come, first served basis). Therefore it’s critical to register now to lock in your spot.

We manually review each and every attendee registration to ensure our quality standards are met. We also call all registered attendees by telephone to confirm your registration and answer any questions you have. In cases where we already have reached a maximum for a particular business type, we will offer to transfer their registration to the next event or provide a 100% refund, whichever they prefer.

Q: Should I Bring Someone Else From My Company?

We limit the number of people from the same organization to 2 total. While there is some benefit to having two people at the event, in most of our events you’ll meet most if not all the other attendees (by design). Since our events are far more effective than traditional networking, the need to “spread out and canvas the room” is not necessary. It’s your choice whether to enroll an associate, but our events are designed to be super efficient and that means just one person can accomplish the goal of seeking out the right strategic partners.

Q: How Many People Attend Golden Connection Network Events?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, a Golden Connection Network event is by default, exclusive. Because you meet all or nearly all people attending on a one-on-one basis through our facilitated structure, our events are designed for 15-25 high quality attendees depending on the venue size. Our average attendance at an event is roughly 20 attendees which happens to be our ideal group size. People who have attended our events have told us they feel they achieved more at just one of our events than in a year of going to low-value or free networking events around town. And because time is everyone's most valuable commodity, being able to compress many months of lunch meetings or networking events into just 1 power-packed evening makes our events one of the best overall values for their marketing dollar.

Q: What If I Attend And I Don’t Make Any Connections I Think Will Help My Company? Do You Have a Guarantee?

Since our mission is to help you find your Golden Connection(s) we unconditionally guarantee our events. If you are unsatisfied with the overall experience, service or attendee quality at our events, if you feel you did not make at least one connection that you found valuable in some way, then simply tell your Event Concierge before you leave the event that evening.

KEY BENEFIT: Remember, by attending just 1 Golden Connection Network Event you get our "bird dog" assistance where your Event Concierge will keep an eye out for your best prospective connections for a full 12 months at future events that you do not attend and make email/phone introductions of value to each of you. This is a $295 value, INCLUDED in your ticket investment to further help you make more Golden Connections (or be someone else's Golden Connection which often can be just as gratifying if not more).

Q: I’ve Already Attended An Event And Loved It, Can I Attend Again?

To maximize the number of connections made at each event, you may attend up to 2 events a year. The one exception is if your city holds monthly events rather than bi-monthly or quarterly, then one event per quarter is the maximum.

Q: What if I have to cancel my attendance?

Since our attendees are busy professionals, our cancellation policy is designed specifically with you in mind!

Should unforeseen circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to join us in person you will receive a full refund or credit for your ticket to be used at a future Golden Connection Network event so long as you provide us with notice within 3 (three) hours of the event start time. Alternatively, if you notify us less than 3 hours or more before the start time your ticket is 100% transferable, so you may allow a friend or colleague to attend in your place.

If We Are Notified:

Q: If I Can Only Attend A Portion Of The Event, Should I Still Come?

That’s entirely up to you. We wouldn’t want for you to miss any portion of this event as once we start with the official networking segment being late may mean you miss out making a key connection (although in the post-event mingle we can introduce you to anyone missed during the facilitated networking segment). That being said, we respect your persistence and willingness to attend, despite prior commitments. The choice is yours. Please be sure to communicate with us if you think you’ll be very late or can’t make it so we may apply your event credit to another event.

Q: How Often Do You Hold Golden Connection Network Events?

While each city where we hold events has a different schedule, we typically offer events every 1-3 months.

Q: This FAQ Was Great But I Still Have A Question You Didn't Answer, Who Should I contact?

Contact us or your Event Concierge with your question.