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"Finally, a networking event that wasn't a waste of my time."

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"As busy as I am, I still wanted to take the time and reach out to let you know that through just 2 of the people I met at last month's event I've generated 11 new clients (and counting) worth well over 20 times the investment to attend and there's still two other attendees I have things lined up with in the coming weeks. And just as cool, I connected an attendee to one of my business contacts which generated him a serious deal as well."

"Before trying one of your events, I pretty much gave up on networking events, having gotten tired of wasting a lot of time with people who could not afford my services. Your concept intrigued me enough to take a shot and I am so happy I did not let my experiences with the cheapo events stop me. The quality of people I met at your event was frankly, second to none. What used to take me probably 5 events to meet just one person of the quality at your event, I met almost 20 in that one event. Really an incredible group...."

"First class event, first class food and drink, first class people, first class period. Really enjoyed it and have some serious followup to do with some of the people I met. Not sure when I can attend your next event with all the opportunity I'm looking at from this one!"

"Finally, a networking event that wasn't a waste of my time!"

"Really enjoyed the speaker tonight. Short, to the point but amazingly powerful and actionable. Just his tips alone could mean real money for us. Everything else was great. Thanks for putting on such a unique event."

"What a great charity to donate some of our ticket fees to. I appreciated hearing from the founder on how they are helping the community. While I attended to grow my business the unexpected side benefit was how good I felt knowing we all contributed in a small way to their cause. Keep up the good work in helping business owners like myself AND helping the community at large."

"As you may remember when we talked on the phone, I was hesitant to register having just wasted a lot more money on some other advertising that didn't pan out. But when I really thought about it I realized your event, if it was what you say it is, could actually work great for me. Well, I'm here to tell you it was everything you said and more. I already have follow-up meetings lined up with about a half-dozen other attendees. The proof is still in the pudding as they say but so far so good."

"My head is still spinning. AMAZING event. When's the next one?"

"Geez, I don't know how you ladies did it, but for me to get an assemblage of similar business owners like you did together on my own would have taken me months. I'm not only impressed, but before I left I got three verbal agreements with dates set for followup meetings to explore in more detail how we can each work together. Powerful indeed!"

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